Tim Glaue

Tim Glaue Board Member

Board Member

Email: [email protected]

Tim is responsible for Caterpillar’s Technical Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management programs driving culture, standard work processes and technologies that help grow the breadth and depth of sustainable competency, skills and knowledge.  Tim created and developed Caterpillar’s current Knowledge In-the-Flow (KITF) program.  Since 2006, Tim’s experience at Caterpillar has included technical lead positions within integrated powertrain systems, advanced planning for validation, and, most recently, the Mossville, IL Technical Information Center’s team for Knowledge Management.

Tim has more than a 30-year multi-faceted work history first starting out at a small sheet metal manufacturing firm before accepting increased design responsibilities at companies like Komatsu, Rockwell-Collins, and General Motors prior to Caterpillar.  Tim most recently held a 15-year Industrial Advisory Board membership at Purdue University’s Computer Graphics and Technology (CGT) / Purdue Polytechnic Institute (PPI) before vacating to serve on IKAA’s Board of Directors in 2019. Tim has been awarded for innovations in Knowledge-based Engineering (KBE) and has a knowledge-based programming background including languages like LISP, Intent Definer Language (IDL), Knowledge Fusion (KF), Java and HTML.