About the International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA)

The International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA) has a mission to assist individuals and organizations in transforming through Knowledge Aware concepts.

The International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA) is founded on the premise that there is transformative value in unlocking enterprise knowledge. A confluence of new technology reveals a shift from knowledge as a passive reference asset into an active influencer integrated into the flow-of-work. In this new paradigm for managing knowledge, processes become ‘aware’ of and react with the continuously evolving, enterprise-wide base of knowledge. Collectively we call the ideas and techniques that assist us in reaching this objective ‘Knowledge Aware.’


A Letter From Jeff Moffa, IKAA Board Member and President of Auros Knowledge Systems

As one of the founding board members, I am proud to introduce the International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA) to organizations around the globe. The IKAA was formed to assist in the transformation of organizations and individuals through Knowledge Aware concepts. Knowledge Aware concepts have proven to be powerful, yet they remain rooted in the simple premises that knowledge can and should be retained digitally, and most importantly, must be activated from within the everyday flow-of-work.

I am passionate about the transformational capability of Knowledge Aware because I have experienced it firsthand. Not only have I seen transformation at large, well known and esteemed companies, but I’ve also experienced it at my own company, Auros Knowledge Systems. At Auros, we have applied Knowledge Aware concepts to every aspect of our business… from our software development factory, to our consulting business, and even to our HR disciplines like our hiring practices... The Knowledge Aware technique has truly enabled Auros to be an effective, efficient, and knowledge enabled company.

The Knowledge Aware approach is proving itself every day by producing competitive advantage at organizations across the globe. Through Knowledge Aware concepts, adopting organizations have realized increases in productivity, more consistent multi-location processes and techniques, and increased retention and reuse of technical knowledge.

As you may be able to tell, I believe in the inevitability of the Knowledge Aware approach. Momentum is building, and word is spreading. As your organization begins to consider the adoption of Knowledge Aware concepts, you may find IKAA offerings helpful: educational webinars, community forums, conferences, and networking groups. I encourage you to join IKAA today and I ask for your help in accelerating the progress toward the Knowledge Aware future.



International Knowledge Aware Association Resources


IKAA Memberships
Members of the IKAA have exclusive access to Knowledge Aware technology community forums, resources, training, and more. Whether you are a seasoned expert in Knowledge Aware or learning about the approach for the first time. Becoming a member of the IKAA will provide many benefits. Learn More >> 


The Knowledge Aware Conference
The annual Knowledge Aware Conference is a two-day conference run by the IKAA. The goal of the conference is to provide best practices, educational sessions, networking, and success stories to members and interested individuals. Learn More >>


Knowledge Aware Certification Course
The Knowledge Aware Certification Course offers you a thorough understanding of the innovative Knowledge Aware approach. At the end of the course, you will be empowered to act as a change agent and learn how to successfully apply this approach to increase the efficiency and use of organizational knowledge. The cost is $49 or free for IKAA members. Register Now >>


Community Forums
The IKAA supports a Knowledge Aware Forum open to its members. The forum allows organizations to learn from other's experiences and interactions with the Knowledge Aware approach. Access Forum >>




Networking and Social Groups
The IKAA offers a group of communities for members of the IKAA at a global and national level. The Knowledge-Aware.org website is home to an online community of blogs, discussion groups, and forums. You can connect with IKAA on LinkedIn and on YouTube.