The International Knowledge Aware Association is your resource to assist your organization in transforming through Knowledge Aware concepts.

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The IKAA assists individuals and organizations in transforming through Knowledge Aware concepts


The International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA) is founded on the premise that there is transformative value in unlocking enterprise knowledge. A confluence of new technology reveals a shift from knowledge as a passive reference asset into an active influencer integrated into the flow-of-work. In this new paradigm for managing knowledge, processes become ‘aware’ of and react with the continuously evolving, enterprise-wide base of knowledge. Collectively we call the ideas and techniques that assist us in reaching this objective ‘Knowledge Aware.’


IKAA Membership

Members of the IKAA will have exclusive access to Knowledge Aware technology community forums, resources, training, and more. Whether you are a seasoned expert in Knowledge Aware, a first-time user, or learning about the approach for the first time. Becoming a member of the IKAA will provide many benefits. Learn More >> 

Educational Webinars

The IKAA hosts a complimentary quarterly Knowledge Aware webinar for individuals being introduced to the Knowledge Aware approach. From the webinars, attendees can expect to learn about the concept and ideas on how it can be applied within their organization and will be taken through the maturity model. Register Now >>

Knowledge Aware Conference

The annual Knowledge Aware Conference is a two-day conference presented by the International Knowledge Aware Association. The conference will provide best practices, educational sessions, networking, and success stories to members and interested individuals. Learn More >>