Markus Fischer

Markus Fischer Board President

Board President


Markus Fischer is the VP of Engineering at ZF Group leading the global Foundation Brakes and Electric Park Brake team, where he is responsible for Application Design/Development, Design Methods, and Core Development. Markus joined ZF in 1989 for a 5-year dual study program, graduating in 1994. During his career with ZF he was based in Germany, Japan and the U.S. and tasked with building up engineering teams or hubs for various products. He was also responsible for the rollout of the ZF production system in NA. Challenged with those tasks, he realized that enabling an organization to “do the right thing” in an efficient and sustainable manner requires not only training new employees and teaching new methods, but also the more difficult task of having knowledge both readily available and regularly updated and revalidated.

Markus holds a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Applied Science in Osnabruck, Germany and has a vocational education as certified industrial mechanic.