Chris McCormick

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Board Member

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Chris McCormick is the Director of Foundation Brake Engineering North America at ZF Group, leading the design/development of disc brakes, rotors, and Electric Park Brakes. He has worked in this team since 1988; starting with Kelsey-Hayes Company and through various mergers over the years including LucasVarity, TRW, and now ZF.

Chris has served as co-author and reviewer of multiple Design Guides over the years and experienced first-hand the limitations of lengthy documents for both knowledge transfer to people and knowledge application within designs. Readings on the Toyota Product Development System introduced several ideas: right-sized knowledge packets and presentations (e.g. A4); the ability to learn and improve can be an organization’s most sustainable competitive advantage; Lessons Learned documents in Powerpoint are largely ineffective.

Chris and his team were introduced to Auros in 2013 and immediately saw its benefits. They spearheaded its use as their Global Design Guide and assessment tool, which continues to this day.

Chris holds BSME and MBA degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.