IKAA Membership

Members of the International Knowledge Aware Association Have Exclusive Benefits

With IKAA membership, you can have access to exclusive Knowledge Aware technology, community forums, resources, training, and more. Whether you are a seasoned expert in Knowledge Aware or learning about the approach for the first time, becoming a member provides many benefits, no matter where you are in your journey. Some of the benefits that come with the IKAA membership include:

    • Access to Knowledge Aware resources, support, and training to extend existing skill sets
    • Opportunities to collaborate with peers on Knowledge Management through association meetings, community forums, and online groups
    • The IKAA helps you stay up to date on industry best practices and technological advancements within Knowledge Management
    • Discounted pricing to attend the annual Knowledge Aware Conference

The International Knowledge Aware Association (IKAA) educates and provides insight on how to best implement and develop the Knowledge Aware approach within an organization. Applications for new members are now being accepted. To apply as a member, click here.